Young and Devoted Turkish Tennin


4 win, 4 losses
Uses the Snake Style Kung Fu (Shequan) alongside the Sidereal techniques honed through extensive practice under the guidance of his contracted Shinma, Ashes. Ade compensates for his lack of strength with a focus on quick-striking attacks and magic in the form of projectiles and summoning.

Concept: Martial Evoker
Theme Music: The Man With The Machine Gun from Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Martial Art: Snake Style
Exaltation: Tennin
Home Country: Turkey

Strength ••••
Dexterity •••••
Stamina ••••

Basic Techniques
Basic Strike ••
Aerial Strike ••
Rush ••••
Grapple ••••
Block •••••

Snake Style Techniques
Serpent Blinds the Wolf •

Tennin Techniques
Prayer Binding •
Terrestrial: Bridge of the Mirror •••••
Terrestrial: Bridge of the Resilient Cat ••
Terrestrial: Bridge of the Waking Dream ••
Celestial: Bridge of the Black Serpent ••
Celestial: Bridge of the Celestial Gods •••
Sidereal: Bridge of the Devil Fighter ••
Sidereal: Bridge of the Dragon Emperor •
Sidereal: Bridge of the Scarlet Phoenix •
Overdrive: Devil Judgement Art •

Magic •••••
Minions •
Resources •

Total = 40 [4 Pregame, 36 Combat (4fights*4 + 4fights*5)]
Spent = 40
[24xp STR1→STR4 (4+8+12)]
[4xp New Exalted Technique: Bridge of the Scarlet Phoenix]
[12xp 4 Exalted Technique Level Ups: Bridge of the Resilient Cat 1→2, Bridge of the Waking Dream 1→2, Bridge of the Black Serpent 1→2, Bridge of the Devil Fighter 1→2]


Real Name: Ade Yilmaz
Age: 23

A week before Ade’s college graduation, his family (parents, younger sister, older brother, and cat Ashes) died in an unexplained fire that burned down their home. Distraught, Ade sank into a deep depression that was made worse by recurring nightmares in which a mysterious being would speak to him about revenge, power, and a pact. Each night revealed more of the being’s background and form until he at last accepted the agreement with the Shinma that now appeared as a twisted and ersatz version of his deceased pet.

That was two years ago and Ade, known to youkai and his fellow Tennin as Aeternus211, now spends the vast majority of his time fending off the youkai and other demons that threaten his city.

Malevolent yokai feast on the ki and souls of humans in order to feed their twisted vices as they continue to twist into even more terrifying forms. As a Tennin, it is Ade’s duty to vanquish yokai with these demonic tendencies, but, never one for senseless killing, Ade has made it a habit to capture the yokai he feels are redeemable instead. In exchange for sparing their lives (and periodic meals consisting of his own ki), these yokai have stopped their murderous ways and agreed to aide Ade in times of need.


Super Exalted Burn Legend: ASBRTHDΛC+#R2012UMTTBE-PDRX Teleute Nuban