Brother Leo

Rich Murder Hobo


4 win, 5 losses, 3 innocents
Brother Leo
Character Sheet
Concept: Familial Avenger
Theme Song: Go Home and Be a Family Man, Guile’s Theme OC ReMix by Norrin Radd
Home Country: South Africa

Strength •••••
Dexterity •
Stamina ••••

Basic Techniques
Basic Strike ••
Aerial Strike •••••
Rush ••
Grapple •••
Block •••••

Westling Techniques
Clothesline ••••
Powerbomb ••••

Muy Thai Techniques
Elbow Slash •••
Flying Knee ••••

Resources ••••
Contacts ••
Backing •


The 7th son of a rich and extensive family. Every one of his family members has been murdered. Each an individual case. His brother was betrayed by a greedy girlfriend. His uncle was set-up in a crime that went south. Either way, he is out to seek revenge. Like, constantly. He can’t cross the street without bumping into somebody that killed one of his family members, or at least had something to do with it. He is perpetually seeking revenge.

He dresses like those stereotypical gruff ex-cops who are down on their luck (e.g., ratty fingerless gloves, tattered army jacket, empty pack of cigs, bottle of Jack). However, he actually has a lot of inherited money. So, he flies all around but acts all depressed and gets mad all the time because people keep killing his family.

Brother Leo

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