The Wild Man of Japan


Exaltation: -
Style: Kyokushin Karate
Home Country: Japan


Jirou, a wild-haired man who lives and trains in haunted Aokigahara, is a maniacal practitioner of kyokushin karate who lives in his gi for weeks at a time. His past is a mystery; all he will say is that he was orphaned and lost in the world, and the martial arts saved him. A journalist once dug deeper into his past and found what she suspects to be a clue: tale of a street fight between yakuza and a homeless man that left a shopping district out several windows and doors. But Jirou will neither confirm nor deny his part. “The past dies when the sun rises, there is only today,” he said. Jirou gained mass media attention with his public challenge to any fighter in Japan who was willing to face him. Of the six who have answered, he won five of the fights, and one ended in a draw. Still, Jirou continues to train and makes headlines with each new emergence into the public eye.


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