Lemur Kan

Rising Crime Boss of the West Coast


Exaltation: -
Style: Jeet Kune Do
Home Country: The United States


Lemur Kan is the assumed alias of a major figure in the West Coast crime scene. Kan emerged in the wake of the death of crime boss Richter Hayes. Kan has been investigated by several police branches, including the FBI, for his involvement in organized crime. However, all have failed to ascertain much about him, or even if he is guilty of any crime. Sometimes Kan acts as an informant to law enforcement, leading them to major busts. Other times, he is frustratingly close to major failures in multi-million dollar investigations. Those few agents who have confronted him have described him as a handsome black man, mid-thirties, with a disarming smile, who never takes off his shades, and who is a self-professed practitioner of jeet kune do, with speed and motion to match his words. Now the only agents who are allowed to approach anyone even suspected of being Lemur Kan must be certified hand-to-hand combatants.

Lemur Kan

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