Hunter of Japanese Fighters


1 loss

Exaltation: Akuma
Home Territory: The Liancourt Rocks
Theme Music: Seol-Janggo


Oni is the name of a monstrous killer in a fighter’s myth from southern Japan. Oni is said to be a Korean, over eighty years of age, but built like a mountain. His face is spotted with age and cracked with strain, and braised as if it were on fire beneath. His teeth are nails, his hair tufts of volcanic ash flowing down from a bald peak. It is said that he remembers the days of war and murder, and was born from the blood and flames that swallowed the South Pacific. His hatred for the Japanese people drove him to move to Japan and live and train among them, absorbing their hatred and using it to fuel his own drive to excel and become stronger. According to legend, he emerges to stalk any Japanese fighter who dares to show his fists outside of Japan. Fighters in Honshu scoff at the idea of Oni as a superstitious legend, but fighters in Shikoku know better.


Super Exalted Burn Legend: ASBRTHDΛC+#R2012UMTTBE-PDRX Teleute Teleute