Sinit Kra

Popularly Thought to be "The World's Strongest Fighter"


Exaltation: -
Style: Muay Thai, Boxing
Home Country: Thailand
Theme Music: Hercule’s Orchestra by Bruce Faulconer


Sinit Kra, ring name “Devil Tiger,” was forcibly retired from his championship at Lumpinee stadium after thirty consecutive victories. Feared for his reach and his aggression, and his willingness to fight anyone anywhere, Kra simply ran out of opponents. He recently returned to the muay thai circuit after two years of training and putting on more than twenty pounds of muscle mass. Since then he has captured the world championship and has taken his title around the globe, challenging fighters from all weight classes and promoting the dominance of his chosen style, muay thai. He is considered by many to be the greatest fighter in the world.

Sinit Kra

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