Amnesiac Foe of the Guild Out for Revenge


Theme Music: Pride (Instrumental) by U2
Exaltation: -
Styles: Tae Kwon Do, Military Jujitsu
Home Country: Ireland


A famous contender in the Irish underground fighting scene known as “The Scarlet Empress,” Scarlet has recently left the isle to track down the organization she believes responsible for killing the man who taught her how to fight. A year ago she woke up from a coma after seven years and stopped a presidential assassination. She has only vague memories of who she is or of the man who trained her to fight, but since she awakened she has been followed by shadows which seem to whisper, and men who regret her waking up and think they’re good enough to do something about it. So far none of them has.


Super Exalted Burn Legend: ASBRTHDΛC+#R2012UMTTBE-PDRX Teleute Teleute