Rasetsu, The Fair Folk

By Vadhiko


Hollow tricksters and empty yogis, the Rasetsu are enlightened warriors whose quiet souls have become refuges for hungry spirits fleeing persecution. Some achieving inner peace through enlightenment, or emptied out by drugs and excess, each was once a warrior who became suitable vessels for merging with a race of refuge spirits known by many names: srinpo, lo-cha, la sát or rakshasa. Through a carefully negotiated bargain, the warrior and the spirit merge, providing the former with access to the spirit’s powerful ki and the latter with safety and hiding within the mortal’s flesh.

In ancient times, the Yama King Ravana sought mastery over all the worlds. The rakshasa, as they were often called back then, were his favored servants, a race of fierce warriors and tricksters, illusionists and expert magicians, known for their endless hunger. Between his infernal leadership and their ravenous, hungry might, Ravana not only gained mastery over Earth, but all Three Worlds, subduing even his fellow Yama Kings.

This ancient empire came to an end when Ravana was defeated by a Legendary Master wielding a powerful weapon of unspeakable might known as the Brahmastra, banishing Ravana back to Yomi Wan and the tender mercies of his vengeful Yama King brethren, and shattering the backbone of his Rasetsu army.

Ravana’s trans-realm empire quickly collapsed, and the rakshasa found themselves hunted by their fellow spirits, unwelcome in any realm. The survivors fled to Earth to hide in places of spiritual blight, hunted by both the dread Hannya, vengeful female demons used by the Yama Kings as bounty hunters, and by righteous warriors like the Shinigami who patrol the boundaries between the spirit and mortal worlds.

In a bid for survival, most Rasetsu, as they’re now most commonly known, have sought sanctuary on Earth by blending their spirits with willing hosts, shedding the majority of their shapeshifting and illusionary might for the sake of survival.

Many Rasetsu retain the wicked reputation and behavior of the old days, with the hungry spirits overwhelming their drug-addled martial artists hosts to continue subjecting the world to their selfish evils. Others, however, have gained enlightenment in the aftermath of their race’s downfall. Witnessing the might the Legendary Masters have shown over the Yama Kings, they have forsworn wickedness and sought enlightenment, hoping to find the strength over their hunters in righteousness they lacked in evil. These reformed spirits often seek out Buddhist monks, Hindi yogis and other enlightened souls to fuse with.

The Rasetsu have a strained relationship with the Tennin. The few enlightened members of their kind find kindred souls in the Demon Saints, but often are mistaken for their more corrupt kin. The Shinigami have known of, and hunted, the hungry spirits for centuries, and rare is the Rasetsu that can win one’s trust. Akuma and Yamajin have much in common with the more wicked members of the Rasetsu, with their relationships tending to be each member trying to get the largest advantage from using the other in uneasy temporary alliances.

Fair Folk Techniques

The Rasetsu suffer from a unique condition in combat. Due to the hungry spirit fused to their soul, they cannot regain ki from any Defensive techniques, and must instead rely on their few ki-draining attacks to recover their spiritual energy.

Long Arm Technique
Cost: 1 ki; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Strike; Defeats: Strikes
Clash: Dexterity + 2 + Long Arm Technique; Damage: Dexterity +1 – Dexterity (Min 1)

The Rasetsu’s arms stretch out to an incredible distance, striking his foe opponent at any distance. This technique defeats Strikes.

Rejection of Conflict (**, 2xp): The Rasetsu’s blow is reinforced by the coiled might of a serpent, sending his opponent Back.

Chaotic Soul Sledgehammer
Cost: -; Range: Close/Still; Type: Strike; Defeats: Aerials
Clash: Strength + Chaotic Soul Sledghammer; Damage: Strength + 1 – Stamina (Min 1)

The opponent loses 1 ki, which the Rasetsu gains. This opponent also loses 2 dice to his next Clash roll. This techniques defeats Aerials.

Unsightly Rigor Kick (*, 4xp): The Rasetsu’s shattering kick is so powerful that the opponent loses another point of ki, which the Rasetsu gains.

Gossamer Wing Flight
Cost: 1 ki; Range: Mid/Advance; Type: Aerial; Defeats: Projectiles
Clash: Dexterity + 2 + Gossamer Wing Flight; Damage: Dexterity + 1 – Dexterity (Min 1)

Wings erupt from the Rasetsu’s back. Their exact appearance vary, with some showing leathery bat wings, others blazing wings of fire, and more. The Rasetsu launches into the sky and comes shrieking down at his opponent. This technique defeats Projectiles.

Revolving Infinite Sphere Twist (*, 6xp): The Rasetsu spins in an arc after landing his blow. This technique now allows the Rasetsu to move Back.

Luminous Exhalation
Cost: 1 ki; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Projectile; Defeats: Rushes
Clash: Stamina + 1 + Luminous Exhalation; Damage: Strength + 2 – Dexterity (Min 2)

The Rasetsu gathers his ki into his throat and ignites it with his burning hunger, expelling a rolling blast of flame at his opponent. This technique defeats Rushes and is immune to Reversal.

Endless Yawning Void
Cost: 1 ki; Range: Close/Still; Type: Projectile; Defeats: Defensive
Clash: Dexterity + Endless Yawning Void; Damage: Strength – Stamina (Min 1)

A dark vortex of ki surrounds the Rasetsu as his empty soul opens to drain the world around him of its vitality. This technique hits all opponents who are Near the Rasetsu, and defeats Defensive Techniques.

Sorrowful Firmament Resonance (****, 6xp): The whirling vortex swings out farther, hitting all opponents who are Near the Rasetsu.

Maddening Summons
Cost: -; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Grapple; Defeats: Aerials
Clash: Stamina + 1 + Maddening Summons; Damage: Strength – Dexterity (Min 1)

The Rasetsu opens his arms wide and beckons his foe to him with his thirsty soul, crushing his opponent in a back-breaking and soul-drinking embrace. The Rasetsu gains 2 ki. This Technique draws the opponent Close to the Rasetsu, and defeats Aerials.

Thousand Tiny Hooks Technique (****, 6xp): The Rasetsu’s opponent’s soul is torn asunder by the Rasetsu’s embrace. If this technique hits it counts as two steps towards Staggering them.

Rushing Dragon Speed
Cost: 1 ki; Range: Mid/Advance; Type: Rush; Defeats: Strikes
Clash: Dexterity + 2 + Rushing Dragon Speed; Damage: Dexterity + 1 – Stamina (Min 1)

A burst of the Rasetsu’s burning hunger fuels his steps as he closes towards the succulent feast that is his opponent in a blindingly fast tackle. This technique defeats Strikes.

Hundred Hand Style (**, 3xp): The Rasetsu lashes out with a dozen lightning fast blows as he crashes into his opponent, causing this technique to deal an additional die of damage.

Heart-Stealing Kiss
Cost: -; Range: Close/Still; Type: Grapple; Defeats: Defensive
Clash: Strength + 1 + Heart Stealing Kiss; Damage: Stamina + 1 – Dexterity (Min 1)

The Rasetsu sakes his endless hunger as grabs his opponent in a deadly hold, squeezing his very ki out of him. The Rasetsu regains 1 ki per point of damage the opponent is dealt. This technique defeats Defensive techniques.

Soul-Carving Artifice (**, 3xp): When Heart-Stealing Kiss defeats a Defensive technique, the opponent loses 2 dice to his next Clash roll.

Extruded Stomach Feeding (****, 6xp, exclusive): Heart-Stealing Kiss also causes the Rasetsu to regain 2 health if it deals damage.

Armament of Flesh
Cost: 1 wp; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Defensive; Defeats: none
Clash: Dexterity + 1 + Armament of Flesh; Damage: none

The Rasetsu’s true nature pierces through his flesh, causing him to grow deadly claws or a similar arsenal. Until he loses his next health stock his attacks all deal +1 damage.

Imposition of Law
Cost: 1 ki; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Defensive; Defeats: none
Clash: Strength + 1 + Imposition of Law; Damage: none

The Rasetsu reaches into the spirit world and tears free a cloak of illusion. He wraps it around his body, presenting a false mantle of perfection to his foes that no truth can penetrate. The Rasetsu gains 3 dice to his next Clash roll.

Inviting Gossamer Mirage
Cost: -; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Defensive; Defeats: Grapple
Clash: Dexterity + 1 + Inviting Gossamer Mirage; Damage: None

The Rasetsu draws his enemy near by cloaking himself in a illusion of vulnerability. As his opponent’s attack contacts the mirage, the fighter watches from safety; finding vulnerabilities to exploit for his next attack. This grants 5 dice to his next Clash. Grapples are automatically defeated, being totally ensnared by the trap. This technique is immune to reversal.

Overdrive Technique: All-Consuming God-Monster Kata
Cost: 2 ki; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Defensive; Defeats: Grapples
Clash: Stamina + 3 + All-Consuming God-Monster Kata; Damage: none

Eventually, even tricksters and liars tire of running. When the Rasetsu’s anger overcomes all else, he rips aside the veil of illusion that hides his true self. Skin peels apart and flesh tears asunder to reveal the hungering spirit that resides within. The exact appearance varies, but most rasetsu are fierce-looking, black as soot with hideous fangs and sharp claw-like nails. Some have glowing red eyes or flaming hair.

Unlike other Overdrive Techniques, All-Consuming God-Monster Kata does not inflict damage on the Rasetsu’s opponent, nor does it deprive them of a Health Stock. Instead, it empowers the Rasetsu, granting him +4 dice to all Clash rolls and making him immune to stagger. This form persists until the Rasetsu loses a Health Stock. All-Consuming God-Monster Kata defeats Grapples.

Overdrive Technique: Gaping Wound Lens
Cost: 2 ki; Range: Mid/Still; Type: Projectile; Defeats: Defensives, Rushes
Clash: Dexterity + 4 + Gaping Wound Lens; Damage: Dexterity + 3 – Dexterity (Min 2)

A slit appears in the Rasetsu’s forehead and widens open, from which protrudes a third eye glowing with crimson ki. Evoking an echo of a feared power wielded by an ancient Rasetsu monarch, the eye lances out at the Rasetsu’s foe with a powerful, cutting beam of hungering ki that tears the victim’s body and soul asunder. This attack defeats Rushes and Defensive techniques.

Rasetsu, The Fair Folk

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